5 Easy Make-Ahead Snacks to Save You Time

5 Easy Make-Ahead Snacks

I’m excited to announce that we have a guest post up on the Moose is Loose today!  Dai Manuel’s website is a GREAT resource on all things health, fitness, and nutrition.    We are very honored that he is featuring 5 of our favorite snacks on his blog. Just click the picture below, and you’ll… 

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Mint and Lemon Infused Water

Mint-Lemon Water

We all know that we need to drink a lot of water.  I find it hard to drink the allotted number of glasses of water, because water is boring.  It’s void of taste, besides minerals.  And sometimes that’s just what I’m looking for.  Other times, I need some flavor.   The problem with flavor is that… 

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Spinach and Mushroom Crustless Quiche

Pie pan

Greetings to you all on the first day of this three-day weekend.  In celebration of an extra day off of work, we thought we would give you a recipe that would help you have a nice breakfast on your extra day without having to have all the extra calories.  If you like quiche, try this… 

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11 Amazing Summer Corn Recipes

11 Amazing Corn recipes

As I think you’ve gathered this far, I love food.  I love cooking and baking and creating something that’s amazingly delicious.  There are so many amazing recipes out there.  I feel, as good “Food Stewards,” one of our jobs at Simply Playful Fare is to also point our readers in the direction of healthy, tasty,… 

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Grilled Herbed Potatoes

Grilled Potatoes

You know what’s really good?  Oven roasted red potatoes.  Especially with lost of fresh herbs and big garlic flavor.  You know what is really bad?  Having to roast potatoes in your oven on a hot summer day for over an hour and heat up the whole house.  That sucks.  No amount of herby and garlic… 

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Beef and Onion Kabobs

Onion and Beef Kabobs

There’s one more month of summer left, so we are soaking up as much as we can!  This includes grilling almost every night.  From chicken to beef to vegetables, we’ve got them on the grill.  One of our favorite ways to grill is to skewer a few pieces of food and throw them on the… 

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