We Don’t Just Teach A Practical Approach to Eating Healthy — We Live it


In 2009, a girl met a boy.  Just two short months later, they were in love.  Sparing the rest of the mushy details, they were married in 2012.

The changes and pressures of life created the perfect storm, and soon the girl had gained 40 pounds.  She was unhappy with the track she was on.  She needed a change like a 1 year old Brita water filter.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now the girl in the story is me.  Imagine that you’re struggling to balance your life.  You’re working a full time job to support yourself and your family, and that doesn’t leave much time for other things, let alone living a healthy lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2014.  By taking a practical approach to eating healthy and exercising, I’ve lost 20 pounds (and counting) by making a few easy lifestyle changes.

Let me explain.

  • I cook most of my meals at home from scratch.
  • I walk about 15-30 minutes every day.
  • I eat out in moderation.

That’s it.  You don’t have to count calories.  You don’t have to spend hours at the gym.  You can cook healthy and delicious foods that don’t take a ton of time and energy to prepare.

I talk about nerd stuff a lot too.  Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Big Bang Theory are talked about a lot around here.

If this sounds awesome to you, you’re in the right place.

Our secret to eating healthy is cooking our own meals from scratch.


  • You control the portions
  • You control the ingredients
  • You control the calories

I’m Crystal R. Sykes, founder of Simply Playful Fare, content marketer, blogger, freelance writer, food fanatic, and nerd extraordinaire.

Sign up for The Smart Person’s Guide to Basic Cooking Skills is a 12-week, self-study cooking course designed to teach you the basic cooking skills you will need to successfully cook most recipes, and it’s free.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • how to use a knife
  • how to peel vegetables
  • how to steam vegetables
  • how to cook a chicken breast
  • how to trim and prepare meat
  • how to hard-boil eggs
  • how to chiffonade herbs
  • how to dice an onion (the easy way)
  • how to peel and chop garlic
  • how to pit an avocado like a pro chef
  • how to sauté
  • how to caramelize onions

Each lesson comes complete with recipes specifically chosen for that lesson, because they incorporate the skills you’re learning.

You’ll be able to practice each skill while cooking a delicious dish.  You’ll get hands-on experience to help you solidify your skills while creating something fun and delicious.

We’d love to help you learn the basic cooking skills you need to succeed in cooking!

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