How to Become a Food Budget Ninja!

How to Become a Food Budget Ninja

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Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to do what you want to do?

Do you yearn for a simple way to balance your hectic 8-5 lifestyle?

Is trying to eat healthy burning a hole in your wallet?

We’ve been there. We understand what it’s like to feel out of balance with your daily and weekly routine. We know what it feels like when there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what you need to do. We’ve been so frustrated with grocery budgets that we just didn’t know where to start. We wasted countless hours trying to find an easier way to shop at the grocery store, saving time and money. Through trial and error, we’ve discovered a simple system that works.

This guide will show you how easy it is to budget your monthly grocery expenses while entertaining you with a little humor along the way. Say goodbye to the days of wasting food and wasting money with these money saving tips!

While it may seem that being prepared requires a tremendous amount of time and energy, you really have nothing to fear. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to save both energy and time, while saving you money. This guide provides the tools you need to succeed.

Get the most out of your pantry and fridge by making them work for you!
Alleviate headache and frustration at the grocery store by creating a weekly menu to save you time and money!

Become a Food Budgeting Ninja:

Choose from two helpful weekly menu templates to fit your style!

Save time every day with our simple method of planning ahead.

Learn how to use the price comparison method to choose the best deal.

Write a grocery list to keep you on track at the grocery store.

Money management is made easier with our budgeting tips.

This guide will get you into a routine that will help keep your pantry and fridge properly stocked. By creating a menu plan and using leftovers effectively, you stand to save hundreds of dollars per month as well as countless hours.

If you feel like you’re wasting time and money at the grocery store and in the kitchen every day, this guide is for you. It will help you minimize time spent shopping and cooking, maximize your free time, and allow you to spend it the way you want.

You could potentially decrease the time you spend at the grocery store by 700%, and have six extra hours free a week! What do you have to lose?


As a bonus, you will get a week’s worth of healthy food recipes and a 7-day menu template preloaded with those recipes; such as homemade breakfast sandwiches, make-ahead parfaits, pecan crusted tilapia, salads, sandwiches, homemade pizza, oven-crisp chicken strips, fish tacos, turkey meatball soup, vinaigrette dressing, and whole wheat pasta with red sauce.

About Jeff and Crystal:

We are two regular people with busy 8-5 lives. We love food, and have developed a system to make shopping easier, faster, and less expensive.
Before mastering menus and budgeting, Crystal and Jeff would spend upwards of $600 a month on groceries. After developing the techniques in this guide through trial and error, their monthly grocery budget is $300, and they have cut their calorie intake dramatically.

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