Grapefruit Infused Vodka with Oranges

Salty Dog.  Screw Driver.  Cosmopolitan.  Lemon Drop.  Harvey Wallbanger.  Kamikaze. What do all of these things have in common? Vodka and Citrus. Flavored vodka is really popular right now.  You can find just about any flavor you want on the shelves at the liquor store 

Mint-Lime-Cucumber Flavored Water

It’s the middle of the summer.  You don’t have an air conditioner, and its hot!  You sleep with the windows open all night, and you live like a vampire in the day, shades drawn, trying to keep the sun out as best you can.  You’ve got 

Mocktails! The meaning is in the mint.

We’ve had a request to talk about and create recipes for Mocktails from a friend in Denver. My initial thought was, well who the hell would want a beverage that’s supposed to have alcohol in it that doesn’t? Well, this girl, for one. During those 

Spooky Drunken Apples! Caramel Apple Dip and Mulled Wine for Halloween.

Happy second day of the week SPFers!  Tuesday is my least favorite day, to be sure.  1.  It’s right after Monday.  2.  After the whirlwind that Monday is, this is the day you realize that the weekend is four more days away.  3. Your Tuesday work outfit never 

Halloween Treats!

Another work week is in the books, which means it’s time to kick back and relax. Winter is here, hopefully you have braced yourselves. As I sit here writing this post, and the snow is falling outside, it reminds me of the Halloweens of my