Blueberry Almond Parfaits

I’m betting a lot of you had your fill of rich foods this Holiday Season, and are probably looking for lighter recipes at the moment.  Let me oblige.  Our recipe this week is simple, easy, and light.  I know this may be hard for you to believe, but after a lot of pomp, circumstance, and Holiday food ceremony, I actually get a little tired of eating.


A lot of you, including me, are back to work.  This recipe is designed to make a work-week’s worth of breakfast parfaits.  Make them on Sunday night, and you’ll have breakfast for a whole week!  I used our handy kitchen scale to measure out the ounces.  This recipe is a variation on another parfait recipe of ours, which you can check out here:  Make-Ahead Parfaits.


Makes Five Servings:

5 cups non fat Greek Yogurt

15 ozs frozen or fresh blue berries (3 oz in each bag)

5 oz chopped almonds

1.5 oz dark chocolate, chopped

5 Plastic glasses

Saran wrap


1.  Add one cup of yogurt to each glass.  Place a small square of saran wrap over the yogurt cups and set aside.


Blueberry Almond Parfaits


2.  Weigh out 3 ozs of blueberries and add to a plastic bag, 5 bags in total.


3.  Chop 5 oz of almonds, and add to one plastic bag.


Blueberry Almond Parfaits Blueberry Almond Parfaits


4.  Chop  the dark chocolate, and mix with the almonds.


Blueberry Almond Parfaits


Take the separate ingredients with you and assemble at work.  Assembling the parfaits right before you eat them will insure that nothing gets too soggy or too watery.


I hope you enjoy these quick and easy make-ahead parfaits.  The cost is $2.15 per serving.  347 calories, 38.6g carbohydrates, 16.3 g protein, 16.8g fat.




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