Mint-Lime-Cucumber Flavored Water

It’s the middle of the summer.  You don’t have an air conditioner, and its hot!  You sleep with the windows open all night, and you live like a vampire in the day, shades drawn, trying to keep the sun out as best you can.  You’ve got it down to a science — a routine.  Maybe you’ve even covered a few windows with tinfoil.  Your ears are starting to ring with the white noise of fans running day and night.  Cold showers have become a welcome ally.

I wish I could give you an air conditioner and hand them out like puppies and rainbows.  I’d make everyone happy, like the beer wench at Oktoberfest.  Alas, I don’t have an endless supply of money and I don’t even have an air conditioner.  So I’ve been living the senario above, except for the cold showers, because there’s something wrong with our shower (it only has one setting, which happens to be hot).  So what do we do to give our selves a little extra repreive?

For starters, we can keep ourselves hydrated by drinking more water.  I know that soda and beer sound like a much nicer option to quenching your thirst, but trust me, keeping hydrated will help!  But I do know that drinking glass after glass can get boring.  I know you think I’ve just created conflicting statements, but stay with me.  The title of this post is called Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water, after all, and it’s really easy to make.  It’s also super refreshing.  (Just so you know, I held back from using hella in that last sentence.  You’re welcome.)  So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Mint-Lime-Cucumber Flavored Water

You will need:

1 water pitcher

1 cucumber, peeled

1 lime

10-15 fresh mint leaves, depending on your taste preferences

Mint Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

1.  Bruise the mint leaves, and add them to your pitcher.

Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

2.  Peel the cucumber, then slice it as thin as you can.  Add to the water pitcher.  Note:  if you don’t peel the cucumber, the water will become bitter.

Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

3.  Slice the lime as thin as you can.  Squeeze the juice out of the ends that you don’t use into the water.  Add the limes to the pitcher.

Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

4.  Fill with water.

Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

5.  Chill in the fridge.

Mint-Line-Cucumber Flavored WaterMint-Line-Cucumber Flavored Water

Here’s another flavor combination that you can try:


Slice the lemons thin and grate the ginger into the water.  You’ll get a ginger crunch, depending on how much you add, and it’s super tasty!

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