Greek Quinoa

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Quinoa is surprisingly becoming my favorite go-to-grain, replacing both oatmeal and rice.  “I wonder if anyone has come up with a quinoa cookie?” *she thinks to herself.  With the invention of Pinterest, I’m sure I could probably find it their.  With nice alliteration too…  To prove my point, I just popped onto Pinterest, and alas, here it is!  There’s even a “no-bake” cookie recipe! I digress, mostly because you clicked on the link to Greek Quinoa.  So why am I talking about quinoa cookies?  Because it’s becoming my favorite go-to-grain, remember.  Stay with me!  My point is that I keep reaching for the quinoa when contemplating a new recipe.  And without further ado, Greek Quinoa:


1 1/4 cup quinoa

2 1/2 cup chicken stock

Greek seasoning

1 chicken breast cooked (with Greek seasoning)

1/2 cup kalamata olives, sliced

1/2 cup artichoke hearts, sliced Green onions (optional garnish)

Makes 5 Servings, 226 calories, 6.4g fat, 29.2g carbohydrates, 13.9g protein, 3.3g fiber

1.  Cook quinoa according to directions on the box, substituting the chicken broth for water.  Set aside.

Greek Quinoa

2.  Season the chicken breast with Greek seasoning.  Cube and set aside.

3.  Mix mostly cooled ingredients together and add extra Greek seasoning to taste. Mix ingredients Mix ingredients

4.  Add sliced green onions to garnish.

Add garnish Add the garnish Greek Quinoa

What’s your favorite way to eat quinoa?  Let us know in the comments!

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