Kabob Party! Do you know where your spear is?

It’s Friday night.  You’ve had a long week, and you just want to relax.  You don’t know what you’re going to have for dinner, and you don’t want to fight the restaurant crowd.  You go to the fridge.  You’ve got a few veggies that should be used soon,  a chicken breast, and a small steak in the meat drawer.  Suddenly the light flashes and hits you like a ton of bricks!  (I bet you didn’t think I could get two cliches into one sentence, did you?)  You have bamboo skewers in the pantry, and gas in the grill.  It’s a build your own Kabob Party, and it’s super relaxing and amazingly yummy!

Last Friday night, Jeff and I had a Kabob Party.   It was quite glorious and amazingly simple.  If you use wooden spears, soak them for at least 30 minutes to ensure they don’t light on fire on your grill.  Then load them up with your chopped veggies and meats.  Jeff marinated our chicken and beef before hand.  The chicken was marinated in a mixture of sweet chili sauce,  soy sauce, and white pepper.  The beef was marinated in Worcestershire sauce, fresh rosemary, a little brown sugar, olive oil, salt, and pepper.  We drizzled the veggies with olive oil, and added salt and pepper before grilling.  It was pretty amazing.  I got a little creative with grilled peaches drizzled with balsamic vinegar and black pepper, and a yogurt-cinnamon-honey sauce.  As you can see, we diced up red onion and peppers, and skewered whole cherry tomatoes.  I forgot the mushrooms, and I was pretty upset about that at first, but the onions were incredible, so I didn’t miss the mushrooms much.  We also had a peeled sweet potato that we needed to use up.  Don’t ask why.  Actually it was from the sweet potato fries two weeks ago.

Kabob Party:

Veggies Kabob Party Silverwear Kabob Party Chicken and Beef Finished Products! Kabob Party Kabob Party Kabob Party Kabob PartyGrilled PeachesGrilled Peaches Grilled Peaches Grilled Peaches Grilled Peaches Grilled Peaches

This is a perfect way to spend your Father’s day Sunday, either cooking or eating.  It’s really tough to screw this up, unless you completely char your food on the grill.  You can grill your favorite veggies, but then you already knew that, because I’m not queen of the world.  And if I was, I’d still let you grill what ever veggies you wanted.  Because I’m nice like that. And I look good in a tiara.  So give your dad an awesome present this year, make him some Kabobs, and have a party!

What’s your favorite veggie to grill on a Kabob?

Have a great week, SPFers!  Stay happy, healthy, and make some awesome food!  I dare you. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kabob Party! Do you know where your spear is?”

  • Looks great! I love the summer grilling season and I definitely have some veggies around that need grilling! I shared and I also signed up for your free ebook!

  • These kabobs look fabulous. I don’t eat meat, but you offer plenty of great veggie options! I am going to make some this week, thanks!

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