Make Ahead Parfaits

This week I will be showing you how to make a cheap and easy parfait that you can grab on the go.  Make them on Sunday night, and you’ll have breakfast for a whole week!

For this recipe, I used our handy kitchen scale.

One Serving:

4 3/4 oz non fat Greek Yogurt

2 1/2 oz frozen mixed berries

30 gm of low fat granola

Plastic glass

Saran wrap


Place the plastic glass on the kitchen scale, and push “tear” the button to subtract the weight.  Add 4 3/4 oz of yogurt to the glass.


Push the “tear” button again, and add 2 1/2 oz of frozen mixed berries.


Place a small square of saran wrap over the frozen berries.  This will help keep the granola from getting soggy.


Push the “tear” button again, and add 30 gm of granola.  Add half the granola if you wish, to lower your carbohydrate and fat intake.  The type of granola I used for this recipe had dark chocolate and hazelnuts in it, which probably increased the fat content.


Now wrap the plastic around the granola and twist to secure.


Cover with another layer of saran wrap.


Gather and pull the loose ends together and twist.


Now tuck the loose end back underneath itself to secure the plastic. You are now ready to put your parfait in the fridge for a quick grab and go breakfast the next morning!

Parfait Parfait

I hope you enjoy these quick and easy make-ahead parfaits.  The cost is $2.15 per serving.  367 cal, 47g carbs, 5.6 g protein, 16.5g fat.

Until next week, SPFers, stay healthy and happy!

10 thoughts on “Make Ahead Parfaits”

  • Crystal, you are a woman after my heart–I love parfaits! And I just started getting aggressive about preparing food on the weekend so I eat healthy. Now, question–where did you get the scale and any tips on getting one of those? I’m going to make some of these this weekend. 🙂

    • I got the scale at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it has been a great investment! We use it a ton! The brand is The Sharper Image. One of my favorite features about the scale we have is the “tear” button. It makes measuring so much easier, because you can put your container on the scale, hit the tear button, and you’re left with only the weight of the ingredient you’re measuring. The metal cover is removable so it’s easy to wash, and it has two modes: grams and ounces. I think we paid about $30.00 for it at the time. I’ve posted a link to BB&B website with the scales. They’ve listed it for $24.99. There’s a bunch so you can see which option is best for you. We bought this one because it was smaller, and the metal plate was removable. Hope that helps!

  • I <3 this for 2 major reasons:

    #1. I am really bad about using the same few recipes over and over because I'm a clumsy man terrible at cooking/preparing food, but this looks nice and easy.

    #2. I can impress dates with my thoughtfulness later (omg wow it is both healthy and delicious!).

    • Thanks Daniel! I also often fall into the trap of using the same recipes over and over. It’s easy to do. And I hope your dates are so impressed! I love it!

  • Awesome! I just got some strawberries have to try this out. Thank you for sharing the calorie amount as well.

    • Thanks Uzma! I try to add the calorie amount to all my recipes, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. I think it’s important to know. Obviously the granola was what racked up the carb count on this one, so if you find a lower carb granola or add half as much, that will help. But it’s not that bad for breakfast. 🙂

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