Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s a mid-afternoon day, and you’re sweating.  Of course you are.  It’s the hottest month of the year!  You’ve been spending many afternoons held hostage by the park and your child.  Or not.  Maybe you’ve been sweating on the deck of your favorite local watering hole. or the neighborhood BBQ party.  And you know you’ve been eating way to many tasty, high calorie, frozen sweet treats.  But it’s summer, you cry!  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  And the frozen sweet treats are so convenient.  They come individually wrapped from a box in the freezer section of your own grocery store.  What’s easier than that?

Your waist line is begging you for a break.  But it’s still summer, and you should be able to indulge a little, right?  So what do you do?   Whip up a batch of Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, of course!  They have all the flavor of the larger version, but they obviously contain less calories.  And they’re cuter than their larger counterparts.  Most small things are.

So now that you’re raring to make your own mini ice cream sandwiches, how do you do it?  We’ve got a simple and easy recipe for you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ice cream (store bought or homemade ice cream)

Chocolate wafers

Sprinkles (optional)

Mini Ice Cream SandwichesMini Ice Cream Sandwiches

1.  Let the ice cream soften for about 5 minutes.  After it’s softened, start scooping the ice cream, creating as close to a ball as possible.

2.  Place the ice cream onto one wafer.  Put the other wafer on top, and slowly press.  Use a spoon to push excess ice cream back in between the cookies, and to smooth it out.  If you want to add sprinkles, roll the edges in sprinkles just before you wrap it with plastic wrap.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches Mini Ice Cream SandwichesMini Ice Cream Sandwiches Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

3.  Wrap the newly made ice cream sandwiches in plastic wrap, and place them in the freezer immediately.  Let them freeze over night and enjoy.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

These should be good in the freezer for about 3-6 months.

There you have it!  You can see how easy it is to assemble your own ice cream sandwiches – and it’s fun too!  Until next week, SPFers, we are wishing you a great rest of the summer!  May you fill it with many BBQs and pool parties. Stay happy and healthy!

What’s your favorite way to cool off on a hot day?  What’s your favorite frozen treat?  Let us know in the comments section!  We love to hear from you.

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