Pan Seared Fish Tacos

It’s Saturday (or Sunday) and you’ve just sat down to make your weekly menu.  You know you need to eat more fish.  It’s good for you.  In fact, you have some in the freezer.  All you need to do is thaw it.  Now that you’ve got fish on the menu for a night, what the heck do you do with it?  You’re bored with just baking it and having a veggie on the side.  You know, broccoli is a powerful veggie with TONS of healing power, but you can have only so much broccoli until you yourself start to turn green.  Ok, so then what?  Suddenly, it hits you like, splat!  A bug on the windshield.  Fish Tacos!  They are tasty and flavorful without a ton of calories (if done right of course).

This is another throw together recipe that we like to make.  It depends on your preferences, so you can add to or take away from this list.  Our only suggestion is that you use a white fish like Tilapia or Cod, because they hold up better.  We used Dover Sole in the tacos featured here, but it’s a more fragile fish so it falls apart more easily.

Whole Wheat Tortillas

White fish, like Tilapia or Cod

Seasoning (like cumin, garlic, chili powder, etc.)

Salsa (For our homemade salsa recipe, click on the link.)



0% non-fat Greek Yogurt

1.  Season the fish and “stir” to make sure the seasonings are distributed evenly.  Pan sear until cooked.  Set aside.

Dover Sole Fish tacos Fish tacos Fish tacos

2.  To make the crema for the tacos, mix your favorite seasonings into about 1/4 cup Greek yogurt to taste.

Spicy Crema Fish tacos

3.  Slice your avocados fairly thin.

Avocado Fish tacos

4. (This step is optional.)  Heat your tortillas in a pan to warm them.  I like mine a bit crisped up, but make sure not to get them too crispy, or they will just break instead of fold nicely.

Whole Wheat Tortilla

5.  Arrange the cabbage, salsa, crema, avocado, cooked fish, and whatever condiments you may want on the counter to make your tacos.  You can see the Tapatio hiding behind the salsa.

Fish tacos

6.  Build away!  We add a layer of crema to the tortilla first, then the avocado, fish, cabbage, and salsa; but you can build your tacos any way you want.  I like more salsa and crema than Jeff.  Just make sure you’ve got a lot of napkins, because these babies are juicy!

7.  Eat away!  Until next time, SPFers, have a safe week, be happy, and healthy!

Fish Tacos

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