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Post for One Hope Wine: Chicken Thighs Braised In Sauvignon Blanc

We’re so excited to have one of our recipes featured on One Hope Wine’s blog.  They are a great wine company that supports just about any charity you can imagine, from providing meals fChicken Thighs Braised In Sauvignon Blanc

or children to planting trees to helping people adopt shelter animals.

A percentage of every bottle of wine goes to a specific charity.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon supports children with autism.  Their Sparkling Rose goes toward educating women about ovarian cancer.  A case of their Central Coast Reserve Riesling goes to fund child literacy through Room to Read.

Check out the recipe below:

Chicken Thighs Braised in Sauvignon Blanc

What better way to celebrate spring than with a home cooked meal and a glass of white wine on the patio?! We’ve partnered with Simply Playful Fare to create a recipe using our CA Sauvignon Blanc!

Crystal of Simply Playful Fare mentions, “cooking with wine adds a special flavor that not many spices and other ingredients can add. The flavors of the wine become concentrated and enhance everything else in the dish.”  For the Recipe, Read More.

By crystal sykes

Crystal is the founder of Simply Playful Fare. She has been in the kitchen for as long as she can remember. She has a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing.

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