Does this Sound Like You?

The water is boiling.  It’s rolling actually, almost jumping out of the pot.   A bubble pops and water flies into the air.  You jump out of the way to avoid getting splashed.  

Meanwhile, the smell of burned something starts to waft into the air.  The smoke alarm is seconds away from sounding. 

You frantically grab at the counter for the oven mitts and, once you find them, pull the hot pan out of the oven. 

What was once a chicken breast is burned beyond recognition.   So much for chicken fettuccine and impressing your in-laws with your cooking skills tonight. 

You reach for the phone to call for takeout again.  

Or Does this Sound Like You?

You’re sitting comfortably on your couch, watching America’s Test Kitchen, or the Great British Bake Off again.   The dish is Beef Bourguignon. 

What exactly is that?  How do you cook it? Or maybe it’s Seafood Paella, Molten Lava Cake, anything with Meringue, homemade pudding.  

You’ve got a good grasp of basic cooking skills, but you couldn’t possibly make that, so why even try?  

There’s no reason to be intimidated to try something if you really want to try it.

 Or Maybe…

You never learned how to cook, but you’re tired of takeout boxes and plastic waste, so you want to give cooking a try. 

You heard that it’s cheaper to cook your own food, and you’re looking to save some money.  Or you need to start eating better, whether it’s for health reasons or weight loss. 

There are tons of reasons to learn how to cook or become a stronger cook. 

Learning How to Cook will Improve Your Life


  • Is Fun and Easy. 
  • Is Less Expensive than Eating Prepared Food
  • Will Help You Lose Weight
  • Is Healthier for You
  • Makes You Happier

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The Smart Person's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills is a 12-part self-study cooking course that teaches you basic cooking skills.

The course is designed to teach you the basic cooking skills that you will need to successfully cook most recipes, such as knife skills, how to peel vegetables, how to steam vegetables, how to cook a chicken breast, how to trim and prepare meat, and how to hard-boil eggs.

Even if you already feel confident in your skills, you can still learn a few new tricks, such as how to chiffonade herbs, the best way to dice an onion, how to peel and chop fresh garlic, how to saute, how to caramelize onions, and how to properly pit an avocado like a chef.

You'll build a solid base of strong skills while having fun.

Each lesson comes with recipes picked specifically for that lesson, so you can get hands-on experience practicing the skills.  The more you practice, the faster you'll master the skills.

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  • You'll save more money by cooking at home

    It's proven that cooking from home is cheaper than eating out. If you cook at home, you'll save money, and that starts with solid skills.

  • Get Hands-On Experience

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  • No more embarrassment in the kitchen

    You'll have the confidence to cook basic meals, because you've mastered the skills you need to be successful.

  • You can finally take pride in your cooking

    You'll be proud of the food you put on your plate. Get your camera ready for that Instagram post.

  • 28% of Americans don't know how to cook

    In a 2011 survey, 28% of Americans said they don't cook because they don't know how. Don't be part of this statistic. You can learn!

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Cooking from Scratch is Less Expensive than Eating Prepared Food

A study in The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, by Arpita Tirwari, found that cooking from scratch is less expensive than eating out, and it’s better for you.

“More-frequent home-cooked dinners were associated with higher-quality diets at no extra cost. By contrast, frequent meals away from home were associated with lower-quality diets and higher self-reported food expenditures.  Lack of time, nutrition knowledge, and cooking skills are powerful deterrents to cooking at home.

Cooking Your Own Food Will Help You Lose Weight

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that home cooked meals lowered obesity. 

“In this study, daily home-cooked dinners were associated with small improvements in dietary intake and lower obesity prevalence for SNAP recipients but not eligible non-recipients; however, both the dietary and overweight/obesity associations were reduced when fast food intake was controlled for.” 

Cooking Your Own Food is Healthier for You

A study in Public Health Nutrition found that home cooked meals supported a healthier diet.  

“Cooking dinner frequently at home is associated with consumption of a healthier diet whether or not one is trying to lose weight."

In a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research And Public Health, by Andrea J. Hanson, cooking your own food increases the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat.

“Cooking 4–7 times per week and more frequently preparing meals from basic ingredients was associated with greater fruit and vegetable intake. Cooking using mostly convenience foods and ready-made meals was negatively associated with fruit and vegetable intake, while cooking from basic ingredients was negatively associated with BMI. Ready-made and convenience foods, are often rich in energy, fat, salt, and sugar but lack the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.”

Cooking Makes You Happier

According to a study in The Journal of Positive Psychology, spending time on creative activities, like cooking, is associated with happiness and a greater feeling of well-being. 

"...[S]pending time on creative goals during a day is associated with higher activated positive affect (PA) on that day. … Overall, these findings support the emerging emphasis on everyday creativity as a means of cultivating positive psychological functioning.”

A study in the Lancet Psychiatry by Jerome Sarris found that eating fruits and vegetables supported mental health. 

“Although the determinants of mental health are complex, the emerging and compelling evidence for nutrition as a crucial factor in the high prevalence and incidence of mental disorders suggests that diet is as important to psychiatry as it is to cardiology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. Evidence is steadily growing for the relation between dietary quality (and potential nutritional deficiencies) and mental health [...].”

  • Your movie analogies cracks me up and it is a great way start the lesson. Every nerd will appreciate this detail. I think your information is very clear and concise without being over the top or wordy. On the chopping onions section - I found this section particularly helpful. I imagine this technique requires less mess and less waste."
    Kathryn T.

What are you waiting for?

Learning How to Cook will Improve Your Life

  • Cooking is Fun and Easy. 
  • Cooking from Scratch is Less Expensive than Eating Prepared Food
  • Cooking Your Own Food Will Help You Lose Weight
  • Cooking Your Own Food is Healthier for You
  • Cooking Makes You Happier

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