The Giving Tree and Crock Pot Winner!

We’re doing something a little different today that doesn’t really have anything to do with food.  I am so honored that my article about the Christmas Giving Tree was chosen to be a part of BonBon Break’s December giving campaign.  They have partnered with Water Aid, who is the sponsor for this month’s campaign.   If you are searching for a charity this Holiday season, please consider giving to Water Aid.

It pops up just about everywhere you will go this Holiday Season, including churches, schools, and box stores.  It’s a tall green beacon, decorated with colorful tags, and it’s hard to miss. It’s the giving tree, and each of those colorful tags has a name on it.

The Salvation Army’s red bucket and bell ringers have nothing on this puppy.  It’s easy for us to rummage through our pockets for change.  We drop the coins in: “Ker plunk.” Out of sight, out of mind, your good deed is done for the day.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to give your loose change to a wonderful organization, and you should.  It’s just not the Holiday season without those bell ringers in Santa suits.  However, it’s easy to return to your reality and forget about that gift once you’ve given.  It takes time and thought to buy a present for a name on the giving tree.

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The winner of Simply Playful Fare’s Christmas Giveway 2015 is…

Leanne Scherp

You will be contacted via email for directions on how to claim your crock pot!

And thank you to everyone who entered the contest and participated in our giveaway!

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