5 of My WORST Kitchen Failures

I thought today might be the perfect day to talk about kitchen failures and what they mean for us home cooks. The kitchen can be an intimidating place. If you don’t have much experience, how do you even begin to learn? Where do you start? 

Preservative-Free Sweet and Sour Mix

Listen:  I know that neon greenish-yellow is a cool color and all, but do you really want to be drinking it?  Sure, you think that you might develop Hulk-like superpowers by drinking something radioactive, but store-bought sweet and sour mix is, most certainly not, radioactive. 

How to Poach Eggs

If you asked someone what the most difficult way to prepare an egg is, odds are good they will tell you that it’s poaching. Poached eggs are something that many people only order when they are out, and would never dream of preparing at home. 

How NOT to Boil Water (Or How to Boil Water in 4 Steps)!

Our friend Dick attempts to boil water for his Kraft Mac and Cheese.   Let’s see what happens:   This may be an extreme situation, however, I do recall feeling somewhat like this at times, while waiting for my water to boil.  It turns out, there 

Brining Basics

Good day to all.  This week’s post is going to be a quick one.  With all the family events happening, and the annual Cat/Griz game this week, we are finding ourselves pressed for time.  But fear not!  This week’s post was designed to be a