What Your Snack Habits Say About You

What Your Snack Habits Say About You

When you eat, do you ever watch other people eat? There’s something fascinating about it. Have you ever noticed that certain people chew more slowly and thoughtfully, while others devour their meal without a second glance? You turn your head, and: Poof! The steak is gone.

Some people don’t like their food to touch, while others mix it all together. It’s all going to the same place in the end, right?

Your snack personality is your new zodiac sign, only way cooler. It is an archetype that encompasses your snack habits and how that relates to aspects of your personality, which may be beneficial at times and not so beneficial at others.

So, what’s your snack personality?

The Tortoise

The slow eater understands why the tortoise won the race with the hare, and is in no hurry to prove anything by wolfing down a meal. This person realizes it’s about the journey, enjoying the sensory experience of eating their meal.

You live life in the present, mindfully getting the most out of every moment you live. You prefer quality over quantity, and the detailed aspects of a job well done rather than how fast it’s accomplished. You’re a visionary.

Taking your time may get on other people’s nerves, and living in the present will cause tension with others who want you to take experiences at their pace. Keep living in the moment, but don’t lose yourself to it – there’s a bigger world out there.

The Hare

As soon as you sit down to the table, you’re done only a few minutes later. Why waste time? Eating is a natural, biological function, and you’ve got a busy life to live and things to do! You’re the hare to the tortoise, and always in a hurry to get back to Wonderland.

Your goal is to finish your meal quickly, and you’ve been guilty of not chewing your food as thoroughly as you should. In your professional life, you’re able to push through deadlines and are generally the go-to person.

You know the best places to grab a quick meal on the go, and that doesn’t mean the choices aren’t healthy. You optimize everything. You’re usually on go mode nonstop. The needs of others are placed before your own. While you’re great at optimizing the clock, you lose time for yourself. You do make sure to fit in the essentials – exercise, eat, sleep – but slowing down to enjoy a moment will help you retain more information and boost your appreciation for the little things in life.

Crime Scene Detective

Under no circumstances shall any of the food items present here today touch each other. Your job is to prevent future food crimes. Your mission is to enjoy each item on your plate, one by one, like pieces of a puzzle. Each piece has its own taste, smell and texture, not to be ruined by touching.

The clues have to be marked and labeled. The crime scene, as everything in life, has to be as tidy and neat as possible. You’re great with organization, avoiding messes and sensing drama from a mile away.

Your hands need to be busy. Struggling not to organize at home and keep it all on track is sometimes difficult. When one item gets off track on your to-do list, it’ll create a snowball effect. Stay flexible. You never know where a new lead will take you. Be open to possibility with positivity.


New restaurant down the street? You’re there. Dip pickles in peanut butter? Sure! Try a scorpion in a lollipop? You only live once.

Exotic or experimental foods, places and experiences are your thing. You take risks, but assess a situation well, with results that prove you right. Others are envious of your bravery and extroverted personality, but for you it’s living life to the fullest. You want to feel all you are capable of feeling.

Your daredevil personality is inspiring to others, but remember that not everyone is as adventurous as you are. Let others experience life at their own pace.

Tasmanian Devil

You’re a swirling typhoon of a cartoon character that loves mixing things up and mixing your food together. Life is what it is, and all that food is going to the same place – your stomach. By mixing your food, you get a bite of each item in every spoonful. It’s pretty ingenious to you but weird to others.

You’re strong and aren’t bothered by what people think of you. Others may perceive you as intense at first, but they value your ability to listen without judgment and be silly.

You are who you are, but you may worry too much about others. Don’t overextend yourself. Focus on priorities.

The Racket Maker

Forget sirens and foghorns, you’re the notorious racket maker who slurps your soup and burps without apology. You live life proudly and loudly with no regrets or apologies.

You’re a take-me-or-leave-me kind of person, but you are more introverted than people realize. You’re in your own bubble, and your body reacts before your brain. You’re easy to talk to when you’re relaxed, but may offer unnecessary advice. You’re straightforward, but sometimes at a cost. You know what you like and are honest about it, and not many people can say that about themselves.

What else might your snack habits say about you? Are you a picky eater, and particular about other things? Don’t like others watching you while you eat and are big on personal space? Your snack habits have much to say.

Are there certain habits you want to let go of or return to practicing to make healthier snack choices? If you love sweets and sugary drinks, trade in those drinks for fruit- and herb-infused waters. A fun challenge for the risk-taking snack personalities would be to eat every color of the food rainbow, especially since the average person should get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Your snack personality doesn’t have to be limiting, defining you one way. Think of it as an interesting profile that helps you see deeper into your relationship with food and life.

What’s your snacking personality?  Let us know in the comments!

Jennifer Landis is a twenty-something healthy living blogger, mother, wife, distance runner, yogi, and tea connoisseur. She enjoys clean eating, but also peanut butter…lots of peanut butter. Find more from Jennifer on her blog, Mindfulness Mama, or on Twitter @JenniferELandis


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